All the Ways You Can Make Use of Your Old PS4

If you upgraded to the Sony PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series, you may be wondering if your existing console is just about to gather dust in a corner. Are you really going to do so much? If the answer is probably no, then you will get some different options when it comes to what to do with it.

One option is definitely to take over gaming: you must have made a huge collection of titles, and new releases are still to appear for the final generation of machines for some time. If you don't want to take your game to your new console, you can still enjoy hours and hours of old.

If you decide that you're going to do most or all of your or your gaming on your new console in the future, there are actually two main options for your old PS4 or Xbox One: either other hardware apps available. Reuse it using, or say goodbye to it by putting it up for sale, donate it to a worthy cause, or recycling it.

Do you have any other ideas about how you are going to use your old console, we would love to hear them - leave them in the comments below.

Turn it on in media center

If you're not going to go gaming with your old PS4 or Xbox One, but you still want to hang onto it, the obvious alternative use is as a media center: both Sony and Microsoft consoles with a bunch of videos Support and music app that you can use while placing the gaming machine on the TV or monitor.

Movie and TV show apps you can install on any of these consoles include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Disney Plus and HBO Max. Even Apple TV has now made its way to the PS4 and Xbox One, so you can queue up all digital media purchased from the Apple and Apple TV Plus streaming service. On the music side, there is Spotify and Pandora on both the console and SoundCloud on Xbox One.

Plex is another option, a versatile app that lets you stream digitally stored movies, TV shows and music from a computer on your local network for your PS4 or Xbox One. If you've got a ton of digital content stuck on a Windows or MacOS machine somewhere in the house, you can use Plex to stream it to your old game console with minimal fuss.

All these applications are simple and quick to install, and can be accessed from the respective App Store on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One-subscription prices will vary from app to app, but once you sign in and set Once done, you can start looking very directly.

Don't forget the ability of the PS4 and Xbox One to play discs either - you can spin Blu-ray, DVD and even CD using the console depending on the machine. The PS4 can play Blu-ray and DVD, but not CDs; Xbox One consoles (with the obvious exception of the Xbox One S all-digital version) are capable of playing Blu-ray, DVD and CD. Slot in disk to start bus.

There is an additional option if you have an Xbox One and Windows computer elsewhere on your home network. Get the Wireless Display app installed on your Xbox console, and as long as you're on the same network, you should be able to use the console as a wireless, second screen for your PC: you beam on photos, websites, movies Can do, sports or whatever you want.

On Windows, open Settings, then Go to Devices, Bluetooth, and Other Devices, and add Bluetooth or another device to make a connection.

Sell ​​it or donate it

If you are not going to keep gaming on your old console, or use it as a media center, you can choose to sell or donate it. Donating will leave you with a dazzling glow but little cash: You shouldn't have to look long to find a nephew, nephew, neighbor, or friend who will happily make your PS4 or Xbox One (and all related games) Will stop hand.

Should you not find anyone, a lot of charities and institutions (like hospitals and youth centers) will take an old PS4 or Xbox One out of your hands, including the likes of charity nerds and gamers outreach - but always in touch with them Stay tuned in advance. Most charities that accept donations must be open to charity.

You want to hang your PS4 or Xbox controllers - they can be used with a new console, or with your smartphone, or with a Windows computer. If you do any gaming elsewhere, it can hang for your controller and be remodeled to use on a different device.
To sell, trading your console is the most convenient option, although you'll probably get less money for it. From retailers like GameStop to online organizations like BuyBackWorld, you've got a few places to choose from - just make sure you see the instructions to completely reset your console and clean it before parting with it.

Direct selling sites like eBay or Craigslist are more of an effort, but you will usually make more money back.

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