Days Blurring Together? Add Structure with These Apps

The ongoing epidemics blur the days into each other - they are no longer separated from the events and activities that help divide our time. If you want to recover some structure in your day, these smartphone applications can help in various ways.

Calendar applications are an obvious way to mark time and cross tasks, but we have tried to look for apps that you can create schedules and references on how to stop your time with a specific purpose. I go up a bit more. Find one that works well for you, and it can prevent your days from getting mixed up in an indiscriminate drop.

1. Trello

Part of Trello's appeal is how flexible and versatile it is. You can use columns of cards that the app presents to you in any way you like, which means our activities, distractions, actions and habits throughout the day and week to deliver such a structure To plot It is also easy to add other users to your plan.

The cards and boards and tags you set in Trello should not be used for calendar-style. You can keep an eye on the books you are reading or the movies you are watching, for example, if you are not doing anything else in particular. In fact, you may not realize how best you can put the Trollo app to work until you actually start using it.

2. Ticking

Tick ​​combines an excellent calendar app and an excellent to-do list manager in one, which means you can use it to take a stand against days that all blur together. Of course it comes with all the scheduling and task-tracking features that you expect, but the deeper you get, the more this app will open.

For example, here is a pomodoro-style timer, which you can use to measure blocks of time while you do whatever you want to do. There is also an easy time-blocking feature, so at least part of each day can be anchored to a specific task. This app is very good in tracking habits, so you can make routines of them.

3. Block

Blockos is a time-blocking app located around 100 blocks for daytime management. Basically, you get about 100 blocks of 10 minutes every day when you are not sleeping, so how are you going to use them? The best way possible is if BLACOS has anything to do with it, as it encourages you to be intentional with your time each day.

The application is primarily designed as a productivity aid, a way to get you out of every 24-hour cycle, but you can use Blocos for some structure and some purpose daily drift. Whatever you want, start by assigning just a few blocks each day to work, family, rest - and then make your way from there.

4. Serials

Sometimes you need to get out of a rut, to look at time differently, which of course provides a sectograph. The app essentially turns your day into a wheel of time that you can customize and control as you see fit. If you want to spend some part of your day exercising or relaxing or catching up with parents, Sectograph can make it.

You already need to use it in combination with the Calendar app on your phone, but your time is displayed in a way that is not a normal grid of rows and columns, allowing you to actually plan your days. Can encourage you to try more - and the Sectograph can then tell you exactly what you wanted to do at any point during the day.

5. Habit

Habitica is an app that can help you meet your self-improvement goals, and it also works as an app to overcome some of the mundaneness of existence where every day is the same. It ensures you keep track of habits or whatever you want, day in and day out, with some gamut and accountability.

If you think you will have more structure and drive in your day if you participate in role-playing games that have quests and challenges to follow, Habitica may be the app for you. It's simple and intuitive to use for everything from shutting down your to-dos to creating new habits, and you can easily connect with other people in the app as well.

6. Google Calendar

Somewhat obvious inclusion, but we are mentioning it here because you might not have found everything in Google Calendar that you already use regularly or not. In addition to standard scheduling features - blocking time on a daily, weekly or semi-topical basis - it can also help you set specific goals and then stick to them.

Tap the plus button down in the lower right corner of the main screen and in addition to adding events, reminders, or tasks, you can also set a goal - it can walk, or read, or just do some admin. The smart part is that Google Calendar is your current schedule commitments.

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