How to Choose the Best Fitness App Subscription

If you want to fit in at home, there are many fitness streaming services to choose from, and you don't even have to splurge on gym equipment related to strength. Apple, Fitbit, Peloton and others provide on-demand exercises that you can stream to your TV or phone, and while there are similarities between these platforms, there are some major differences.

You have different options from a streaming fitness service, such as signing up for a gym, finding a personal trainer or taking advantage of free classes on YouTube. But if you want to work in the security of your home and need different types of classes, one-stop-shop like services below can exceed your speed.

Here we will tell you about some of the more well-known options in the market, what exercises and activities you can choose from, the hardware you have to use, how much you are going to spend, etc. With so many different memberships to choose from, you should be able to find the right fit for your lifestyle.

Apple Fitness + is the latest workout subscription service on the scene, and, as you might expect, it's very Apple. In fact, it only works with Apple devices - specifically the Apple Watch - to track workouts you stream from an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

But if you are all-in on Apple hardware, Fitness + is an excellent service. It offers a variety of classes including high-intensity interval training (HIIT), yoga, dance, core exercises, strength training, cycling, running, walking and rowing, and Apple says more are on the way. You can filter classes by trainer, class length, and even music.

All exercises and workouts are recorded rather than live, at least for the time being, but they are highly produced and easily received. Apple seems to have spent a lot of time thinking about beginners, and many tutorials come with optional steps for those who have injuries or who are just beginning their exercise journey. This is definitely one of the more accessible services that we have tried.

You can buy into the cult of the peloton without spending any money on an exercise bike or treadmill, although the experience is certainly the most comfortable with peloton hardware. A free trial trial of an all-access subscription can actually be a good way to work out whether a peloton tool is right for you.

The application has thousands of classes to do on-demand or live, and if you don't like cycling or running, there are plenty of other options: strength training, cardio, Pilates, and other class types such as yoga and meditation too. This is a comprehensive all-round package, as you would consider Peloton's expertise. Some workouts do not require any equipment, so you just need to get yourself started, while others require basic fitness gear.

Classes range from five minutes to an hour in length, and a new stacking feature allows you to have a workout playlist to blitz classes in whatever time frame you need to exercise. This is an excellent choice for which type of workout you prefer.

Fitbit's paid subscription service doesn't really require a Fitbit device, strictly speaking — but you do need a Fitbit account. Fitbit Premium includes all types of extras, including a more detailed analysis of the data Fitbit collects on your activities, as well as access to on-demand classes and tutorials, which are branded under the Fitbit Coach.

The Fitbit Coach (inside Fitbit Premium) really guides you through exercises tailored to your current level of fitness - at the end of each you can give feedback on how easy or difficult you found the workout, and the app is the same Moves accordingly. It is one of the best platforms that we see as being friendly to beginners.

The main body of the app is divided into two sections: Workouts, where you can browse by difficulty, muscle group or duration, and schedules that take you through a set routine on a daily or weekly basis. There are so many different routes to take through the material, and you can go at your own pace and do exercises that specifically suit you.

If you use a Fitbit Premium with a Fitbit watch or fitness band, the whole experience is enhanced, as you can plug your stats and progress into the Fitbit Coach platform with whatever wearables are. You can also get detailed, one-to-one advice from a professional coach through the Fitbit app, although this will set you back $ 55 per month.
Compatibility with hundreds of trainers, thousands of workouts, live and on-demand classes, equipment hosting - iFit is an impressive contender in the fitness membership space, and you can use it just in conjunction with Mobile Apps or Nordic Barracks, ProForm, Or FreeMotion Fitness Equipment (NordicTrack parent company Icon Health and Fitness runs iFit).

iFit provides a ton of content, including studio workouts and some cool outdoor workouts.


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