WhatsApp new privacy policy: What will happen to your account if you still haven't accepted WhatsApp's new policy? 

WhatsApp new privacy policy: What will happen to your account if you still haven't accepted WhatsApp's new policy? : WhatsApp's new privacy policy was due to take effect on May 15, although the company has so far postponed the decision. At the same time, the company has clarified that if the policy is not accepted, the user's account will not be deleted, but according to the new report, only the limited features of WhatsApp will work for the user who does not accept the new policy. This means that his WhatsApp account will not be deleted but the company will not give him access to all the features of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is giving users notifications to update new privacy. The new Privacy Live has been live since May 15th. However, the company has pushed back May 15 before the deadline to approve it. Find out what happens to your account if you don't update the new privacy. 

Account will not be deleted According to WhatsApp, users' accounts will not be deleted unless the privacy policy, which went live on May 15, is updated. Over time, the company will reduce some of its functionality. This means that the user's account will be active, but if the policy is not accepted, it will be meaningless. The company will continue to send reminders The company will continue to notify users who have not approved the new privacy policy. Even after a few weeks, if the user does not accept the new policy, the account will become defective. The user will first lose their chat list According to WhatsApp, users who do not approve the new privacy will lose their chat list in a few days. However, incoming video and audio calls will continue. 

The user will be able to respond to missed calls from the notification. Incoming calls and notifications will also stop over time After a few weeks, users who do not accept the policy will not receive incoming calls and notifications. Chat history can be exported Users who have made up their mind that they will not accept the new privacy policy can export their chat history. Finally the bored company will inactivate your account Users who do not accept the new policy after several weeks will have their account deactivated by the company. However, the company has not announced any specific deadline for when all these actions will be taken. 

What is WhatsApp's new policy? 

According to WhatsApp's new policy, the company can use, reproduce, distribute and display any of your WhatsApp content uploaded, submitted, stored, sent or received anywhere to operate its services. Users must advance this policy. Otherwise their account will be deleted. This policy was to take effect on February 8, 2021. As the controversy escalated, it was pushed back by the company. Now again the company has extended its date. However, the company is still sending notifications to users to accept the new privacy policy.

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