Check the SAR value of your mobile, know how deadly your phone is becoming.

Every other day we hear about the many side effects of using mobile phones. You must have heard a lot of news that harms mental and physical health. Scientists believe that the radiation emitted by mobiles is so deadly that it can even spread diseases like cancer. However mobile companies are contesting this claim, and insist on checking the SAR value of mobiles.

How to Check the SAR value of your mobile 2023

Post Name : Check the SAR value of your mobile, know how deadly your phone is becoming.

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What is SAR value? Can it really measure your cancer risk?

SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate value which shows how much your body absorbs the radio frequency radiation emanating from the mobile during a certain time.. In simple words when a call comes or makes a call on the mobile a part of the radio frequency is absorbed by your body. It enters the tissue of the part of the body, which the mobile has touched... this is called mobile radiation.. this radiation is considered carcinogenic i.e. cancerous. however with the SAR value you can know whether the radiation coming from your phone is harmful or not.

What SAR value is considered safe?

According to Telecom Authority of India 1.6 W/Kg SAR value emitted by mobile phone is considered safe.. means if your phone has SAR value below this then it is safe and the chances of getting cancer due to it are minimal.

How to check SAR value?

It is very easy to check the SAR value..mostly the SAR value is mentioned on the label on the packing box of the phone itself.  in addition to this companies also post the SAR value on the website according to the phone model,..but if you check it yourself If you want to do it, you just have to follow two simple steps

1. First of all open the Android dial app 

2. Dial *#07#* and you will see the SAR value of the phone on your screen


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