Gujarat State All District Taluka Wise Maps

GUJARAT STATE ALL TALUKA WISE MAPS; GUJARAT RAJYA NA TAMAM JILLA NA TAMAM TALUKAO NA NAKASHA:T he capital of Gujarat is Gandhinagar and its largest city is Ahmedabad. The population of Gujarat State is 50,671,017 (2001 census). Gujarat covers an area of 1, 96,024 sq km and shares its border with states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The state has a literacy rate of 79.31 percent. Gujarat is the 7th largest state in India in terms of area. The 196,024 sq kms of area in the state is divided into 26 districts at present. Gujarat had 17 districts when it was formed in the year 1960. All the northern districts of the Bombay, which was a state in its own till then, were a part of Gujarat after 1960.The 33 districts of Gujarat are: Ahmedabad, Amreli, Anand, Aravalli, Botad, Banaskantha, Bharuch, Bhavnagar, Chhota Udaipur, Dahod, Dang, Devbhoomi Dwarka, Gandhinagar, Gir Somnath, Jamnagar, Junagadh, Kheda, Kutch, Mehsana, Mahisagar, Morbi, Narmada, Navsari, Panchmahal, Patan, Porbandar, Rajkot, Sabarkantha, Surat, Surendranagar, Tapi, Vadodara and Valsad.

Gandhinagar is the smallest district in terms of area in Gujarat. The total area covered by the district is merely 649 sq kms. This added to the presence of Gandhinagar, the state capital after which the district is named makes it, the district with most population density. Total population in the district is 1,387,478.

Dang district is the least populated district in the state. Around 226,769 people live in the district as per the census 2011. The district extends to 1764 sq km in area.Valsad district is located to the Southern most end of the state of Gujarat and it has covers an area of around 3034 sq km in the state of Gujarat. The Valsad district shares its border with Navsari District to the North. Navsari district is located in an area of 2211 sq km.

 Map Districts wise


Ahmedabad District Download
Ahmedabad City Download
Ahmedabad Bavla Download
Ahmedabad Daskroi Download
Ahmedabad Detroj-Rampura Download
Ahmedabad Dhandhuka Download
Ahmedabad Dholera Download
Ahmedabad Dholka Download
Ahmedabad Mandal Download
Ahmedabad Sanand Download
Ahmedabad Viramgam Download


Amreli District Download
Amreli City Download
Amreli Babra Download
Amreli Bagasara Download
Amreli Dhari Download
Amreli Jafrabad Download
Amreli Khambha Download
Amreli Kunkavav vadia Download
Amreli Lathi Download
Amreli Lilia Download
Amreli Rajula Download
Amreli Savarkundla Download


Anand District Download
Anand City Download
Anand Anklav Download
Anand Borsad Download
Anand Khambhat Download
Anand Petlad Download
Anand Sojitra Download
Anand Tarapur Download
Anand Umreth Download


Arvalli District Download
Arvalli Bayad Download
Arvalli Bhiloda Download
Arvalli Dhansura Download
Arvalli Malpur Download
Arvalli Meghraj Download
Arvalli Modasa Download


Banaskantha District Download
Banaskantha Amirgadh Download
Banaskantha Bhabhar Download
Banaskantha Danta Download
Banaskantha Dantiwada Download
Banaskantha Deesa Download
Banaskantha Deodar Download
Banaskantha Dhanera Download
Banaskantha Kankrej Download
Banaskantha Lakhani Download
Banaskantha Palanpur Download
Banaskantha Suigam Download
Banaskantha Tharad Download
Banaskantha Vadgam Download
Banaskantha Vav Download


Bharuch District Download
Bharuch City Download
Bharuch Amod Download
Bharuch Anklesvar Download
Bharuch Hansot Download
Bharuch Jambusar Download
Bharuch Jhagadia Download
Bharuch Netrang Download
Bharuch Vagra Download
Bharuch Valia Download


Bhavnagar District Download
Bhavnagar City Download
Bhavnagar Gariadhar Download
Bhavnagar Ghogha Download
Bhavnagar Jesar Download
Bhavnagar Mahuva Download
Bhavnagar Palitana Download
Bhavnagar Sihor Download
Bhavnagar Talaja Download
Bhavnagar Umrala Download
Bhavnagar Vallabhipur Download


Botad District Download

Botad City Download

Botad Barwala Download

Botad Gadhada Download

Botad Ranpur Download

Chhota Udepur

Chhota Udepur District Download

Chhota Udepur City Download

Chhota Udepur Bodeli Download

Chhota Udepur Jetpur pavi Download

Chhota Udepur Kavant Download

Chhota Udepur Nasvadi Download

Chhota Udepur Sankheda Download


Dahod District Download

Dahod City Download

Dahod Devgadh baria Download

Dahod Dhanpur Download

Dahod Fatepura Download

Dahod Garbada Download

Dahod Limkheda Download

Dahod Sanjeli Download

Dahod Zalod Download


Dang District Download

Dang Ahwa Download

Dang Subir Download

Dang Waghai Download

Devbhumi Dwaraka

Devbhumi Dwaraka District Download

Devbhumi Bhanvad Download

Devbhumi Kalyanpur Download

Devbhumi Khambhalia Download

Devbhumi Okhamandal Download


Gandhinagar District Download

Gandhinagar City Download

Gandhinagar Dehgam Download

Gandhinagar Kalol Download

Gandhinagar Mansa Download

Gir Somnath

Gir Somnath District Download

Gir Somnath Gadhda Download

Gir Somnath Kodinar Download

Gir Somnath Patan-veraval Download

Gir Somnath Sutrapada Download

Gir Somnath Talala Download

Gir Somnath Una Download


Jamnagar District Download

Jamnagar City Download

Jamnagar Dhrol Download

Jamnagar Jamjodhpur Download

Jamnagar Jodiya Download

Jamnagar Kalavad Download

Jamnagar Lalpur Download


Junagadh District Download

Junagadh City Download

Junagadh Bhesana Download

Junagadh Junagadh Download

Junagadh Keshod Download

Junagadh Malia Download

Junagadh Manavadar Download

Junagadh Mangrol Download

Junagadh Mendarda Download

Junagadh Vanthali Download

Junagadh Visavadar Download


Kheda District Download

Kheda City Download

Kheda Galteshwar Download

Kheda Kapadvanj Download

Kheda Kathlal Download

Kheda Mahudha Download

Kheda Matar Download

Kheda Mehmedabad Download

Kheda Nadiad Download

Kheda Thasra Download

Kheda Vaso Download


Kachchh District Download

Kachchh Abdasa Download

Kachchh Anjar Download

Kachchh Bhachau Download

Kachchh Bhuj Download

Kachchh Gandhidham Download

Kachchh Lakhpat Download

Kachchh Mandvi Download

Kachchh Mundra Download

Kachchh Nakhatrana Download

Kachchh Rapar Download

Kachchh Runn of kachchh Download


Mehsana District Download

Mehsana City Download

Mehsana Becharaji Download

Mehsana Jotana Download

Mehsana Kadi Download

Mehsana Kheralu Download

Mehsana Satlasana Download

Mehsana Unjha Download

Mehsana Vadnagar Download

Mehsana Vijapur Download

Mehsana Visnagar Download


Mahisagar District Download

Mahisagar Balasinor Download

Mahisagar Kadana Download

Mahisagar Khanpur Download

Mahisagar Lunawada Download

Mahisagar Santrampur Download

Mahisagar Virpur Download


Morbi District Download

Morbi Halvad Download

Morbi Maliya Download

Morbi Morvi Download

Morbi Tankara Download

Morbi Wankaner Download


Narmada District Download

Narmada Dediapada Download

Narmada Garudeshwar Download

Narmada Nandod Download

Narmada Sagbara Download

Narmada Tilakwada Download


Navsari District Download

Navsari City Download

Navsari Bansda Download

Navsari Chikhli Download

Navsari Gandevi Download

Navsari Jalalpore Download

Navsari Khergam Download


Panchmahal District Download

Panchmahal Ghoghamba Download

Panchmahal Godhra Download

Panchmahal Halol Download

Panchmahal Jambughoda Download

Panchmahal Kalol Download

Panchmahal Morwa hadaf Download

Panchmahal Shehera Download


Patan District Download

Patan City Download

Patan Chanasma Download

Patan Harij Download

Patan Radhanpur Download

Patan Sami Download

Patan Sankheswar Download

Patan Santalpur Download

Patan Sarsvati (Patan) Download

Patan Sidhpur Download


Porbandar District Download

Porbandar City Download

Porbandar Kutiyana Download

Porbandar Ranavav Download


Rajkot District Download

Rajkot City Download

Rajkot Dhoraji Download

Rajkot gondal Download

Rajkot Jamkandorna Download

Rajkot Jasdan Download

Rajkot Jetpur Download

Rajkot Kotada sangani Download

Rajkot Lodhika Download

Rajkot Paddhari Download

Rajkot Upleta Download

Rajkot Vinchchiya Download


Sabarkantha District Download

Sabarkantha Himatnagar Download

Sabarkantha Idar Download

Sabarkantha Khedbrahma Download

Sabarkantha Poshina Download

Sabarkantha Prantij Download

Sabarkantha Talod Download

Sabarkantha Vadali Download

Sabarkantha Vijaynagar Download


Surat District Download

Surat City Download

Surat Bardoli Download

Surat Chorasi Download

Surat Kamrej Download

Surat Mahuva Download

Surat Mandvi Download

Surat Mangrol Download

Surat Olpad Download

Surat Palsana Download

Surat Umarpada Download


Surendranagar District Download

Surendranagar Chotila Download

Surendranagar Chuda Download

Surendranagar Dasada Download

Surendranagar Dhrangadhra Download

Surendranagar Lakhtar Download

Surendranagar Limbdi Download

Surendranagar Muli Download

Surendranagar Sayla Download

Surendranagar Thangadh Download

Surendranagar Wadhwan Download


Tapi District Download

Tapi Nizar Download

Tapi Songadh Download

Tapi Uchchhal Download

Tapi Valod Download

Tapi Vyara Download


Vadodara District Download

Vadodara City Download

Vadodara Dabhoi Download

Vadodara Desar Download

Vadodara Karjan Download

Vadodara Padra Download

Vadodara Savli Download

Vadodara Sinor Download

Vadodara Vaghodia Download


Valsad District Download

Valsad City Download

Valsad Dharampur Download

Valsad Kaprada Download

Valsad Pardi Download

Valsad Umbergaon Download
Valsad Vapi Download

Places to Visit in Gujarat:Laxmi Vilas Palace - Baroda

Kevadia Colony (Sardar Sarovar Dam)
Somnath Temple - Near Veraval
Dwarakadheesh Temple of Lord Krishna
Haji Pir Dargah - Kutch
Gir Forest National Park - Junagadh
Lothal - near Ahmedabad
Dholavira - Kutch
Kirti Mandir - Porbandar

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